Usage Agreement

The following document outlines the terms of conduct between ASKSERV (ASKSERV, Company us, our, we) and you (user, client, customer, you, your).

Before using any of Our services you are required to read, understand and agree to these terms.

Eligibility to open an account:

  • To be 18 years at least, the services aimed at the age of 18 years with more, subscribe to this service for those less than 18 years old is considered a violation of the use agreement.
  • You are responsible for providing us with accurate data, accurate and up to date when the registration process and includes e-mail, so that we can communicate with you in case of any problem or misuse.

Account Security:

  • You are connected with our encrypted and securely using HTTPS protocol to protect sensitive information sent via the Internet, so you will not be able to is a future specified read.
  • Amendment would require at your personal account or some important confirmation of the identity of his information via SMS, phone calls, text messages.
  • Upon completion of the registration process at the site will receive a message containing the password for the account, maintain your account information confidential and secure is your responsibility first and foremost, and take full responsibility also for any activities conducted through your account, and you must communicate with the technical support team immediately when you discover any unauthorized access to your account or any other breach of the calculation process, the company is obligated to compensate any losses resulting from the failure to achieve this item.

Transfer to ASKSERV:

  • Make our technical support team do its utmost to help you move your site to us, we offer complimentary transportation to our customers, but we can not guarantee the validity or availability of the site or the estimated time to complete the transfer process
  • Every hosting company suited differently and each reservation data and backups on an ad hoc or is not compatible with the general criteria, which makes it very difficult transfer process in the case of non-availability of some data.
  • In some cases, and sometimes we are not able to help the transfer of the old your hosting.
  • Edgewise transport service for the first time only, after that they will be driven and service-specific cost.
  • The final responsibility lies with the customer to confirm the site is working properly after the completion of the transfer process and the testing to detect any possible errors.


  • ASKSERV provides  Domains Arab / English integrated control panel on the client’s site account.
  • We record scale through other international companies with the service, the bands recorded non-refundable or change or cancellation, and any value ranges will be deducted from the amount paid in the case of retrieval request.
  • You will receive to remind you of the date of the end of the scale, and the remaining period until the expiration alerts and invites you to renew the scale to avoid loss.
  • If the scale has not been renewed through the grace period it is eventually stopped working and may be visiting the page displays a virtual converter that the site does not work and the page may also display some of the ads.
  • We are committed to providing transport for any client code required to relocate to another recorder ranges at any time, such a request must be through technical support tickets through the customer area of ​​our registered account.
  • You are entitled to the renewal of scale and by allowing a period of up to 30 days from the end of the scale expiration date.
  • You acknowledge and agree that at the end of the validity of the scale may be made available to the public for registration by the company registered domains.
  • We are committed to protecting your account with the implicit from the ranges of others against unauthorized changes, in some cases we may need to confirm the identity of the completion of the transfer process or change the account owner’s domain.

Reseller Hosting:

  • Reseller is committed to providing technical support to its customers, and the company does not provide technical support for clients subgroups.
  • We reserve the right to stop Reseller account even declares its responsibility towards the client.
  • Reseller on the client must make sure that commitment to its customers to use the terms of our agreement.
  • We reserve the right to provide the Reseller customer files backup if their own Reseller Account owner declined to do so.
  • We reserve the right to stop any sites hosted on the Reseller account with the implicit from services in the case of outstanding bills unpaid.

Shared hosting and virtual servers:

  • We are committed to the maintenance and resolve any technical problems related to our own servers, we do not offer free technical support for the site,
  • including addition BB service software, templates, content management systems, additions.
  • We provide the possibility of Traffic consumption (Bandwet) Unlimited and without demanding any additional expenses.
  • We reserve the right to ban or stop any services or used to prove the involvement of its own IP address in any illegal activities, such as (SPAM, DDoS) attacks.
  • Sites and storage centers of files are not allowed on shared hosting plans.
  • Torrent software is allowed to run on shared hosting plans.
  • We reserve the right to stop all the sites and hosting services for the maintenance and scheduled updates to ensure the highest quality of service provided.
  • You agree and to know that the limited hosting services restricted material technology and resources as well as to the nature of any service to share resources, the user should be aware that the server technology identifies resources that could be of your use of, for example, but not limited to (processor, memory size, access speed , disk space).
  • Completely prohibits the use of scripts (IRC, Proxy, SSH, Telnet, mail shoot) or any other scripts may pose a lot of pressure on the server as a result of the nature of the software or to a malfunction own compile that code, if the discovery of any software running on the depletion of server resources, we may ask the client removed and we have the right deleted without any prior warning, and may be the service ban or account for review.
  • We provide specific resources for hosting services, if the consumption or skip these resources may be shut down the site automatically or manually, and you will have to upgrade to a higher hosting plan suits your requirements.
  • Specific processes intraday shared hosting plans.

Dedicated servers:

  • The company is committed to deliver new server information during the 24: 72 hours of confirmation of the payment process.
  • We provide advanced solutions to ensure the highest degree of safety for your server, but if the server is over the responsibility from us updated its software fall on you alone.
  • We reserve the right to change your server password to make any security checks required by Data Center data center.
  • If the server is unmanaged by us, any unauthorized access as a result of disclosure of server information to other parties bear responsibility for the client.
  • We provide technical support service via the ticket system.
  • We do not manage your server or update its software after the setup process, so you may need to subscribe to one of the special management plans to servers if you want to benefit from its advantages.
  • We commit ourselves not to change the prices of servers for the duration of the customer’s subscription without prior alert, and any change in the price or specifications are after the client alert, and is a rare occurrence.
  • Issued invoices to servers before the date of renewal of five days and must be paid before the end of the period of service so as not to subject the service is suspended automatically.
    ASKSERV reserves the right to stop any services in the event of late payment and does not assume any liability liable for any damages or loss of data resulting from it.
  • server monthly subscription period is 30 days (excluding the month of February) and the client must renew the server before the end of this period to avoid any interruption or cancellation.
  • The company assumes no responsibility for any damages resulting from the amendment to the server settings by the customer or other third parties.
  • In the case of subscription management servers serving it we have the right not to deliver the client server data to ensure secure.
  • Although our servers locked, penetration of your site may occur as a result of the theft of information on or gaps software-proclaimed it, and these problems can
  • not be avoided by the general safety procedures for the server.
  • The company’s external backup of any site on the server does not provide a service area of ​​more than 50 GB free of charge.
  • It may impose fines on servers that violate the terms of use of the service by data Center.

Backups :

  • The company is committed to copy sites within a server backed up on a regular basis (daily, weekly, monthly), in addition to copy external Weekly on other servers.
  • Backup service is offered to clients Shared Hosting and Reseller free of charge as an added value recognition of our clients and we reserve the right to change the details on or off at any time.
  • The Company is not responsible for any loss of data or information, protect data, and save the customer’s responsibility first and foremost, and do not take any result for the loss of part or all of the data on the sites hosted losses.
  • We reserve up copies of sites for a period of 30 days from the end of the service, and the involvement of the company’s history the right to impose a state of the client’s desire to get a backup or retrieval fees.
  • Our customers have the right backup files a request for their positions at any time and we are committed to extradite them without delay in the event that the customer’s account is still active and the service is canceled or stopped.
  • Backup is not available for services that have been stopped as a result of violation of the agreement and conditions of use.

Invoices and retrieving the money:

  • The company reserves the right to shut down any services as a result of the delay in the payment of renewal, and do not assume responsibility for any damages or loss of data as a result.
  • Private servers: we do not provide the possibility of restoring the money when you buy a full servers, restore the funds to apply to full servers.
  • Domains: Which bands are booked and registration is subject to cancellation or change or retrieve the value after the activation process, and the value of any of
  • the bands will be deducted from the amount defenses in case of a request retrieval.
  • Licenses: for example, but not limited to (WHMCS, cPanel, vBulletin, … ..) worth of non-refundable or cancellation.
  • The company provides a money back guarantee within 30 days from participating in any of all shared hosting plans.
  • Reseller: Reseller is a trading account for the purpose of profit, so we do not provide the possibility of restoring the funds for any services through this account.
  • The possibility of recovering the funds available for the first request for new accounts only are eligible for the possibility of recovering the funds, as an example: If you have an account with us and you cancel it and you open a new account or another account additional We will not have the possibility of recovering the value of any services purchased.
  • We do not provide refunds within 30 days of the subscription on a monthly basis, instead provide 7 days to experience the service and decide to continue together or not and you can recover your money through them.
  • You should communicate with the technical support team if you are experiencing any problem to the service provided to you, and before the application of any cancellation or retrieval.
  • Retrieval amount does not include any administrative fees or technical support services fees or the costs of preparing and creating also does not include the cost of licenses or ranges of all kinds.
  • A retrieval requests or cancellation must be done through our ticket system.
  • Restricted accounts as a result of violation of the conditions of service are not eligible for the recovery of the value of any services.
  • Fee will be charged on the amounts to be recovered through the means of certain payment, for example, but not limited to (bank transfers and Western Union), and this fee will be deducted from the value of the amount recovered.

Content and prohibited activities:

  • It prohibits the publication or circulation of any content that violates any state or local law legislation.
  • The publication of any pornographic content or intended for adults and also prohibit any content that violates intellectual property rights.
  • Prohibits devoted to discussions penetration activities sites, means phishing and fraud, or the distribution of software and tools to penetrate.
  • Absolutely forbidden to use the company’s services in any activities that may cause interruption of service or harm our own servers or networks and servers for other companies, for example, but not limited to (DoS attacks DDOS Attacks – or any other malicious software).
  • It prohibits the use of the company’s services in the sites promoting drugs, weapons, and gambling services.
  • It prohibits the use of any software / BB in order to drain the server resources and damaging the sites hosted on it.
  • It prohibits the use of the company’s services on sites that contain letters of hate and racist.
  • It is strictly prohibited to use the company’s services in any sites defaming the Islamic religion in any way.
  • It prohibits the use of the company’s services to sites songs, movies, television series, video and voice chat, or sites that rely on the system to communicate via webcam.

Terminate the contract and close the account:

  • The Company reserves the right to terminate any account found to be involved in any activity prohibited at any time (with / or without) prior notice to the customer, and depending on the circumstances which the company may resort to communicate with law enforcement authorities and cooperate with them fully any investigation resulting from it.
  • The company is committed to respecting the customer through any Twaslat between them and the company’s employees, insulting any employee company could lead to a ban on your account and we have the right to take any legal action against you.

* The Company reserves the right to modify the terms of use agreement and privacy at any time, you should check this Agreement periodically to learn about the changes